Highly Reliable Country Club Laundry Maintenance Service in NJ

Looking for a reliable laundry maintenance service for your Country Club in NJ? Look no further! At Laundry Service Tech, we know that Country Clubs depend on laundry equipment that can handle their big loads of towels and linens, hence offer country club laundry maintenance service in NJ that is totally trustworthy. We service country clubs throughout NJ and NC to keep their laundries operating efficiently and their linens dry, clean, and folded. We know that keeping your laundry equipment in immaculate condition is vital for customer satisfaction; hence we make maintenance & service a top priority. Our goal is to give you the convenience & peace of mind of having your laundry equipment completely taken care of.

Planned Country Club Laundry Maintenance Service in NC

Our planned country club laundry maintenance service in NC includes but not limited to:

• Greasing & cleaning equipment
• Checking wearable items (belts, etc)
• Checking drain valves & inlet valves
• Checking for leaks
• Diagnosing & managing trouble codes
• Ad much more….

Unfortunately laundry breakdown do happen and happen at the most inconvenient of times. That is why having the contact number of a reliable country club laundry maintenance service in NJ is really important. With a professional service back-up available 24×7, we make sure the unexpected breakdown doesn’t affect the bottom line of your business. We’ve a team of highly trained and experienced laundry engineers who will check all the components to ensure your laundry is working fine and recommend if any immediate parts repair or replacement required.

Keep in mind that a maintenance plan is a precautionary plan to help your laundry equipment run smoothly for years. By doing simple maintenance you can actually save big on costly repair and replacement. So why leave your country club’s laundry equipment to risk? Call us right now to provide you with a maintenance plan that best fit your needs and budget.