Prompt Vended Laundry Maintenance Service in NJ

At Laundry Service Tech, we understand how important it’s to keep your laundry machine up & running, therefore offer prompt vended laundry maintenance in NJ whenever we get a call from valued clients like you. Our service vehicle is fully stocked to give you an emergency repair and maintenance service with just one visit, which means decreased downtime to keep your On-premise Laundry machine running t its full capacity. Over the years, our client base in and around NJ has grown significantly from small mom-and-pop Laundromats to large-sized commercial and industrial laundry facilities. Our customers include but not limited to:

• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Assisted Living
• Linen Rental Companies
• Hotels and Motels
• Resort Properties
• Schools & Universities
• Sports Clubs
• Golf & Tennis Clubs
• Restaurants
• And much more…..

How Our Vended Laundry Maintenance NJ work:

To do your preventive laundry maintenance, our certified technicians will meticulously disassemble your laundry tools. Then they’ll examine all standard parts related your laundry equipment. If required adjustments will be done to your laundry’s belts, flames, locks and switches. Lubricants will be applied where required. Routine has checks will be done to make sure there’re no gas leakages. On certain instruments, our technicians will drain the oil & replace with new. The technician will also clean your dryer & take off the excess lint accumulation. Finally, your instruments will be examined for appropriate function. You’ll be advised in writing, of any damaged or wrecked parts that has to be replaced or may require replacement in the coming days.

Maintaining your commercial dryer or other laundry equipment is easy, especially when you work with Laundry Service Tech. It’s highly recommended that you should hire our Vended Laundry Maintenance NC and NJ at least every 6 month. Each job we do is backed by 100 percent guarantee. Call us now if you are interested in our service!